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Looking to update your dreary floor coverings? Well, help is on the way. How about some beautiful hardwood floors? Perhaps some eco-friendly cork flooring?

Cork Floors are gaining popularity as the Green natural alternative to the usual old fashioned floor covering like carpet or vinyl.

Top Floor Installation Co. is dedicated to providing Tucson area residences with professional floor covering installation of the highest quality at truly competitive prices I am a licensed, bonded and insured specialty flooring contractor in the state of Arizona, formally trained by the NWFA, certified by the Certified Floor covering Installers and a host of manufacture's and institutions. Over 32 years experience. (See References page)

In addition to the usual flooring products I specialize in natural green flooring products like cork, recycled leather, bamboo and responsibly harvested and sustainable wood flooring. Using my knowledge of the local flooring industry I will help you find the lowest possible prices on the quality flooring you want.

The difference between me an other flooring stores and contractors is that I am the installer and on your job every minute.